Navigation / Mileage Maker

The Coastal Navigation standard is a prerequisite for the Intermediate Cruising course. Gain the required prerequisite sea time and experience needed for the Intermediate course during a 5 day sailing Navigation/Mileage Maker Course.

Learn “hands on” navigation  during a Basic, Coastal Navigation, Intermediate, or Advanced Cruising course.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Safely navigate in coastal and inland waters including passages.
  2. Read and use Canadian Hydrographic charts including: Sailing Directions, Tides and Current Tables, Radio Aids to Marine Navigation, and more.
  3. Plot courses using available information, such as dead reckoning, local objects, GPS and compass.
  4. Use proper navigation terminology, for example: “line of position” and “speed made good”.
  5. Prepare passage plans.
navigating charts