Happy Sailors

This is a small selection from the 100s of glowing testimonials Captain Mac has received.

“Rekindled my interest in sailing. Will do VHF radio course next. Have great respect for Glen’s experience and knowledge. May even take this course again. He has so much information to offer and obvious skill. Thanks for a great course Glen!”

Keith C., British Columbia

“Thanks for showing us the way of the sea. We are now officially on our way. Thank you for your patience and humour.”

Lynne & David

“Loved the trip Capt. I always learn so much. Amazing food and fun times. Till next time.”

Buck W.

“This was fantastic! Loved every minute of it. It was so nice to be back on the water. I learned a lot in this (too short) of a time. Thank you. Looking forward to the next trip, learning more skills. See you soon.”

Eric T.

“Despite our lack of practice sailing with you is always a blast, never stressful. You make learning fun (full of sarcasm and such…) Perfect weather and great company. Thanks Capt Mac!”

Shyanni & Randy

“Thank you for the experience, it was great! Our baby is getting their sea legs early. Minus the lack of wind early in the week, the cruise home was great with lots of wind. Thanks for everything.”

Nicholas & Heather L.

“Thanks Glen. I had a great time and learned lots. I like the way you operate. A great instructor, good sense of humour. I’ll return for the next.”

Brian N.

“Wow, what a great experience. Capt. Mac is passionate about the sailing business. He is with you until you get it. Would recommend this basic sailing course to anyone wanting to get into sailing. Great sense of humour and the food is wonderful.”


“So, so much fun to be with you on the water once again. Learnt even more this time around. Really looking forward to another trip!!! Thank you so much for everything.”

Jen H.

“We can’t thank you enough for this amazing experience! So many lessons were learned and so many more to come. Best of luck to you in the future! Btw, your jokes are crazy hilarious.”

Kristy & George F.

“Excellent course and instructor! Your knowledge will help keep me and others safe on the waters for a long time to come. I look forward to future courses, future trips and great memories. “There are good ships and wood ships, the ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships so here’s o you and me.” Thanks Captain!”

Jari K.

“Not a “watch-and-learn” kind of sailing school. Cap Mac puts you on the helm from day one! Kinohi is a beautifully maintained, comfortable vessel, both fast and forgiving for the novice sailor. We had an excellent week and are already looking forward to our next course with Capt. Mac.”

Dana & Blake

“Three times a charm. Another awesome trip.”

Andy S.

“Thanks Glen, thought you were going to serve Capt. Big Macs but thank you for the veggie food. Company was great. Have a great summer, see you on the water.”

Bill A.

“This is what I want to do forever. Thank you, Capt Mac.”

Marek H.

“Hey Mac, an awesome week, really enjoyed your patience with “reefing” the main. Those damn Saskatchewan wanna be’s.”

Jack M.

“Awesome trip. Have never learned so much in such a short time – a great achievement for you! Looking forward to another week in the upcoming year. Keep a spot open. Thanks again.”

Dwayne S.

“Excellent trip!!! The food was awesome and your humour made it very enjoyable. Absolutely essential training for anyone wishing to pursue this path. Can’t wait to come back next year and continue to learn the right way to do it.”

Randy M.

“I made a very good introduction to sailing in Canadian waters. I had taken several sailing courses back in Turkey but this was much different. I had the opportunity to moor and practice overboard drills. Friendship was great and food was great and I will remember this trips. Thanks alot captain Mac.”

Alper S.

“Great experience, I got everything that I expected from the course and enjoyed a terrific week of sun, fun, and sailing. This has been a perfect way to get my feet wet (literally) with cruising. See ya’ on the high seas.”

James B.

“Another tour – refreshed my learning – thanks to Capt. Mac I think I “get” a few more concepts. Thanks for another blast on your craft. Take care… until next time!”